About Me

Hi, I’m Martina, since childhood I loved to do all kind of creative work and my dream was to to become an artist when I grew up. Over time my dream did come true and I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia in 2008. In 2012 I moved to Canada and started my new art journey.

My art story…

Most of my old and new art work is inspired by nature, it’s energy, color pallet, shine, reflections, shapes and sounds. The nature is a place where I can easily connect with my inner self and find my inner piece.

I love to explore different elements in my paintings: patterns, shadows, reflections, abstract and realistic forms etc. And as much I love to experiment I am always drown back to capturing segments of nature.

My Education

  • Master in Visual Arts / Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb Croatia
  • MBA Management / ZSEM & Ryerson University
  • Master in Economics, Marketing / Zagreb University of Economics and Business

Art Shows

  • 2020. Exhibition Place, The Artist Project, Toronto
  • 2019. Art Propaganda, SHA Gallery, Dundas St., Toronto
  • 2018. Exhibition Place, The Artist Project, Toronto
  • 2017. Exhibition Place, The Artist Project, Toronto
  • 2017. Art Propaganda, Dundas St., Toronto

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