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Meet your friends, co-workers, family or date with Virtual Paint Nights by Artist Martina Vrbanic

1 hour & 45 minutes Virtual Paint Event

Virtual Paint Event

Artspire Lab is offering virtual paint nights that you can do in comfort and safety of your home.  This virtual art sessions are designed to provide everyone with a fun, relaxing and meaningful time and enjoyment in the process of creating! The painting process is designed in simple steps so every participant can paint their version of the featured image with my guidance. Participants are also encouraged to change the style and discover how to paint in their unique artistic expressions.
I will guide the group through the painting process and help you develop some new skills and painting techniques.

The price for 1 hour & 45 min Virtual Paint Event is $30 (per person)

Let’s Get Together & Create!

Paint Kit

For a virtual Paint Night you will need Acrylic Paint, Assorted brushes, Canvas and an Easel. Participants can organize their own art supplies or order the Paint Kit for $15 + HST

Paint Kit Includes:

11”x14” Canvas or 9″x12″ Canvas
Assorted Brushes
An Easel
Plastic Palette
Water Container
Acrylic Paint Colors
Plastic table cloth
Guidelines and tips

The paint Kit can be delivered to your address or picked up from pre-arranged location.

Booking The Event:

Choose featured image and contact me to organize the Event

Book the Event 2 weeks in ahead to be able to get your art supplies on time

Choose number of people
Choose the day
Get the Paint Kit
Get organized and ready to paint
Login and join Zoom Event

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  1. I really enjoyed the paint lessons with Martina. Except I had a great time I learned a lot from her about the medium and painting techique. I would recommend this paint event to everyone who want to spend meaningful time.

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