Montage Collection

Welcome to my Montage Collection. This collection is a work in progress and more artwork will be posted soon, so stay tuned!
In this collection I am combining different mediums and segments of realistic and abstract forms. I am capturing movements, sounds, reflections and other segments from nature and incorporating with playful geometric forms. My style of painting is painting in layers, exploring patterns and forms that when put together blend and shine through.

“Sound of tulips” / Acrylic, oil and pencil on canvas / 30×30 inch
“Cactus Montage” / Acrylic on canvas / 30×30 inch
“Fichus and a money tree” / Acrylic/Oil on Canvas / 30″ x 24″

“Cactus Cloud Montage” / Acrylic on canvas / 30×30 inch
“Moontage” / Acrylic on wooden block / 12×12 inch / CAD $ 275 SOLD

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