Solo Exhibitions

2013. Gallery Dogadanja, “Places for memories”, Zagreb
2011. Gallery Kristofor Stankovic, “Paints”, Zagreb
2009. Gallery Matica Hrvatska, “Body as an enigma of Soul”
2008. Stancic Gallery „In the fields of painting“, Zagreb
2008. “Fountain” & How we regret Action, Zagreb
2006. Miller Gallery, ”Σ CXIX DAYS“, USA

Group Exhibitions

2017. The Artist Project, Booth 541, Exhibition Place
2016. HB Studio Co-Lab, Toronto, Canada

2015. November ArtSalon 2015, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada
2015. Propeller Gallery, Toronto
2014. Colonia Croatica Koln, “Kroatien- Kunst-Köln”, Germany
2012. Barrel Gallery, HDLU, Annual Exhibition, Croatia
2011. Barrel Gallery, HDLU, Annual Exhibition, Croatia
2010. Gallery Artest, Paris, France
2010. Ring Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2010. 30th Youth Salon, “Out of Format” concept, Croatia
2010. Ex Libris / Aleph, Night in Museums, Croatia
2010. Galery ALTI Speleo, Croatia
2010. Out of Format, EFZG, Croatia

2009. Prima Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2009. Gallery OK – Rijeka, Croatia
2009. Ring Gallery, HDLU, Annual Exhibition, Croatia
2008. Gallery Vladimir Filakovac “Dubrava Arts life”, Croatia
2008. Fortino S. Antonio, Bari / III. Woman in art, Italy
2008. Galerija Makek, Island Rab
2008. Fortino S. Antonio, Italija – Federico II eventi “Cratian week in Bari”, Italy
2007. Bari, Italia – Federico II eventi „Xchange“ La Puglia incontra laCroazia“, Italy
2007. Wox feminae, Artists voice, SC Zagreb, Croatia

2006. “Last minute“ Academy of Fine Arts, Croatia
2006. INTER(aktiv)
2006. “Good Samaritan”, Hotel Sheraton, Croatia
2006. Kulturijada, Student centar, Croatia
2005. “Last minute“ Academy of Fine Arts

Work in Culture

► BOO at the Barn, Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto – Arts and Crafts Coordinator
► Museum Of Inuit Art, Toronto – Arts and Workshops Coordinator

► 31st youth salon / Corrections – Event Coordination and production
► Upper town art colony / Summer at Stross – Event Coordination and Creation
► Art workshops in public space / Saturday Promenade at Zagreb’s Park Zrinjevac – Event Coordination and Creation
► Portrait Marathon / Upper town Art colony – Event Coordination and production
► Public presentation of the sculptures of Ivan Kozaric and Dora Kovacevic / event in public space – Event coordination
► Coordination of artist exhibition, Hamo Cavrk / Carta incognita / Ring Gallery, PM Gallery & Barrel Gallery – Event Coordination and production

► Artomat / Christmas Art Fair – Event coordination; creation of programs, production
► From recycled banner to fashion accessories – Event coordination, creation and production
► Coordination of artist exhibition, Alma Orlic / retrospective exhibition / Ring gallery – Production and coordination of the event
► Exhibition of children’s artwork at Museum Mimara / Tradition and Contemporary – Exhibition design
► Coordination of artist exhibition – Spanish artists / Ambush of shadows / PM Gallery – Assistance to curator
► Exhibition in “The World Bank” / project of Millennium Goals – Coordination of the event
► Project “Out of Format II” – Project implementation, production and design

► Project “Out of Format II” – Project implementation, production and design – 30th youth salon / Market – Production and program creation
►Kandinsky creative experience / within 30th youth salon – Event coordination and design
►Coordination of artist exhibition, Osvaldo Romberg: The Eye of the Fly – Event coordination

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